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Vocal Coaching Sessions

Free your voice!


 Taster session - 40 mins


Perfect for beginners! A gentle introduction to singing sessions.

In this session:

  • Discuss your vocal experience and favourite styles of singing

  • Fun warm up - taking you through the basics of healthy singing.

  • Sing a song together


1 hour vocal coaching session


Perfect for a good vocal work out!

In this session: 

  • Fun warm up

  • Exercises especially for your voice to boost your singing technique.

  •  Then apply this technique to a song of your choice.


6 x 1 hour sessions

£225 - 10% off

Regular vocal training = great long term results!


  • Consistency is KEY!

  • Working with a vocal coach who is familiar with your voice can help you navigate your personal vocal goals with more ease and assurance

  • You get to work on a song several times together

  • You can work on multiple songs to build up your repertoire. 

Session plans/pricing: News & Updates
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